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y’all realize martial law is back in ferguson right


there’s an armored convoy about tossing tear gas now so much for that fucking “resolution” earlier today


don’t let this shit die. we still don’t have justice and even at that police CONTINUE to oppress the people so quit it and start paying attention again. open your eyes.


Beenzino responds


its so fucked up trying 2 explain kpop to someone who doesn’t like kpop like how the fuck do you explain comebacks and music show promotions their strange as fuck fan service and how in the lords name do u show someone fantastic baby or wolf or catallena without cringing like fuck is kpop even real im starting to think its all one big fever dream

I feel like a lot of my mutuals on here think they would hate me irl…. But honestly the way I appear and present myself on here is a very acute part of my personality that I only really act like around my mum and my sister…. Around friends and every other person I’m really not very talkative or outgoing and the kind to take more of a backseat…
I defiantly think I try make myself seem cooler on here than I really am these days. And to be honest, if I were to meet any of my mutuals or probably most of my followers in real life I’m 99% sure that we’d get along and if the other person was down for it, we’d hang out. I honestly will be friends with anyone are try my hardest in person to do what ever I can to help a friendship. I tend to make better friends with people who are nothing like me…. Last weekend I made super good friends with people I just met that night. One of which was a 30 year old park ranger who wore a scarf his mum knitted him to a club, and the other being a very handsome 23 year old Frenchmen that had best six pack id ever seen irl
I feel like people on here have kind of an idea of who I am and have categorised me and being kinda loud and pretentious and v focused on appearance, but I’m really not at all…. In high school I was the person I knew that had the most friends from all different ‘cliques’ and I was kind of the mediator between different mediums of people and the reason to why a lot of people are friends with who they are friends now…. But then again I’m a v v v different person then I was in year nine or ten…. Back then I was a lot more outgoing, confident and not self conscious at all thus why I had so many friends.
Anyway this post doesn’t really make sense but I’ve been thinking about it for a while… And I kinda do think I present myself as a bit too much on here and it could give off the wrong vibe. But I’m actually very insecure about who I am as a person and I have one friend who I kinda only converse with when I see her every couple months when I go to melbourne, so I really try to be as kind and considerate as possible when talking to new people because I really really really want to make friends.
So please don’t think of me too badly when I write bitchy things or seems full of myself in the worst way, because this is my only social interaction with humans other then with my mum and sister and it’s also my internal dialog written down and my only place to vent about subjects I wouldn’t be able to talk to them about and I don’t really have a filter. And even so I don’t really talk to anyone too often on here, so please try to tolerate my annoyingness and please don’t read too much into the desperation oozing out of this long ass irrelevant post haha


"you’re so full of yourself" no i had a lot of insecurites and a low self esteem which i worked extremely hard to overcome and now i realize that im awesome and i dont care if you think otherwise

Hyunseung: “Even till high school, I was always the perfect-skin-guy. Because of my skin, many girls cried and the school flooded because of the tears. My school flooded because the girls cried because of my beautiful skin.”


Doojoon: “He’s always like this. Do not broadcast.”

I am being so mean tonight sorry I don’t know what’s come over me😪😪😪😪😪

Iggy Azalea and a Glitter Toilet seat

Yg debuting another boy group is the dumbest idea he’s ever had

I’m gonna have to blacklist food….. I’m about to start a crazy diet and I can’t have any delicious pink donuts distracting me :(((((




the maknae casually ruining your life

140902 G-Dragon PHHHOTO Update