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*wears gym shorts over tights* 

i am bangtan

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do i really like you or am i just thirsty a novel by me

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Wow you have no idea how pissed off I am that the loof thing was brought back.

I usually don’t swear unless I’m really angry, but how fucking rude can you be. It’s one thing to joke around with your friends. but literally saying it to Himchan’s face??

Not only are you the biggest asshole alive, but you’re shitting on his efforts at trying a new language. Like Himchan’s ever gonna wanna try learning English now because every time he tries, he’s probably going to think, oh if I screw up again, it’s going literally fucking haunt me for the rest of my life.

Do you know what that person said when people told her it was rude?

"no one was laughing at himchan nor was anyone making fun of him everyone was having fun so don’t come at me"

WHO THE FUCK IS LAUGHING. The problem isn’t people laughing at him. It’s a problem that you’re digging into his old wounds and passing it off as a fucking joke. You’re turning his feelings and efforts into a fucking joke. How HARD is that to understand. Everyone was having fun. Oh yeah, it’s SO fun having your mistake blown up in your face even TEN FUCKING MONTHS LATER. Just sit the fuck down and shut up.

I swear. If this happens in LA, I’m going to throw shit at you.

That person tweeted this


a couple of minutes ago and I’m fucking enfuriated.

If you’ve seen fancams of the performance you’ll have noticed that Himchan stopped mid-line and didn’t seem okay for the next few seconds and then his whole persona was back to normal. 

I’d like to see these people speaking fluent Korean with on-point pronunciation after a few weeks of hard work. It would make my fucking day.

I don’t know how ANYONE would think that Himchan would be okay if they said that to his face. I know I wouldn’t be. Like DAMN don’t people understand that what they’re doing to him is a form of bullying?

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