Taeyang x 1st Look

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Bright red glossy lips, ulzzang shit is what I’m talking about
Not lipstick
Here for #boysinlipstick2014

Low key…..
block b need to fire their makeup artist….


zico be looking like he’s part of suga’s wealthy housewives club


140723 G-Dragon Instagram Update

And I can’t tell if that is a real emu or not

Ukwon is so ideal


Jerry.k’s Facebook update:

Show me the Money broadcasted two instances of the N-word in last week’s highlighted scenes. Let me ask you. Do you not know what that means, or are you doing it on purpose?

While the producers stay silent, Jerry.k speaks up. In no way, was what the Show me the Money production team did excusable. I’m relieved to see that Jerry.k shares that thought. What’s so sickening is some of the comments: ‘It’s a black-only word, and you’re not black so why do you care?’, ‘other black people use it, it’s not offensive’, etc… It’s so frustrating to see this kind of mindset spread. It hardens if not perpetuates the ever persistent racism and hate towards another group of people. I haven’t given up all hope, as I see those that share my thoughts, but I desperately hope that everybody accepts all people as equals. Why is this not a given by now?


"text me when you get home so i know you’re safe" kinda people are the people i wanna be around

Fanart based on GD’s recent Instagram updates

credit: @ylj_jessie